Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind. It's been so busy, trying to keep up with e-mails and marketing plans along with getting the kids to the places they need to be. But what fun!

Since I sent off my announcement to practically everyone I know in the world, I've received so many great e-mails of support both from folks I talk to all the time and people who I mostly have contact with only during the holiday season. I appreciate all of the excitement that my family and friends (and their friends and their friends and so on and so on) are feeling for this book.

I found out yesterday that one of Julie's friends submitted the book info to Oprah, and someone who works with our mom submitted to Ellen DeGeneres. I am working on getting the word out to England so, as I told Julie, I can conquer the UK much like David Hasselhoff has hit the big time in Germany!

In other news, I was overjoyed to find out when I looked at the book's listing on Amazon this morning that it was #49 in the fiction children's books about pets, and #49,753 in all of the books. Of course, it changes every hour according to book sales and by lunchtime I could be back in the 300,000's like I was when I went to bed last night and by dinnertime I could be in the 600,000's like I was on Saturday, but I don't mind the roller coaster ride at all because by Columbus Day I could be back up around, oh, let's say 12,000? Twelve thousandth place isn't too bad. I'm just grateful for this whole experience.