Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Author Copies...

...still haven't arrived. Wahh. HOWEVER, the two copies that I finally just purchased from myself through Amazon came about five minutes ago! (Amazing.) Yippee! I'm hoping to get the author copies by the holidays.
LOL...I'll keep you posted.

I've been carrying my friend D's copy of the book around since she loaned it to me last Saturday. I'm feeling very guilty about it, but she assures me that because she is in the middle of a whirlwind of activity including having to write a paper for school that is due Saturday (which she, a busy mom of 2 who also substitute teaches, thinks she may have to pull an all-nighter in order to finish), she doesn't have time to sit and swaddle it in a blanket and look at it all day like I do (okay, okay...she didn't say THAT, and I'm not doing THAT, but I tend to have a dramatic flair and I think that adds to the story), and is happy that I can show her copy off to everyone I see.

I had to run all kinds of errands today, which meant "Yay!" for the family because I was getting stuff done (and "Yay!" for Roxie, who is Bijoux/Ruby's successor, because we went for a nice, long walk), but "BOOOOOO!" for me because I only got a couple of e-mails sent out to promote the book.

Jim and the boys are going camping tomorrow night through late Saturday, so I'll have all kinds of time tomorrow evening and Saturday to work. (Looking forward to checking some stuff off my list!)

I am REALLY looking forward to Saturday night, because Julie and I are headed downtown (I LOVE going downtown: could live there in a minute!) to have our "Two Sisters Celebrating The Completion of a Book!" party. We are going to the Perfect Place, but I'm not telling you today where that is. You'll have to wait for me to post about it either late Saturday night or Sunday. And yes, there will be photos in the post. Anyone familiar enough with Chicago to venture a guess as to where we're going? It's not this place, or this one. Guesses, anyone??