Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Author Copies!

It must have been the Luck O' The Julie's Birthday, because my author copies of the book FINALLY arrived yesterday! Whee! Now that so many of my family and friends (and who knows how many strangers!) have the book, it was a little anti-climactic. However, I can now place my order for a stack of books that I can have on hand, which is very exciting.

Julie brought me a gift on Sunday that was a crazy kind of exciting: she had the book's logo (and blog masthead) put on the front of a t-shirt for me, with the blog address on the back. She also had a blank journal made with a cover that is my business card with a twist: instead of "Author", she put "Ink Slinger Extraordinaire", which is what I demand that my family call me in private (KIDDING.).

She may make the shirt and a journal (not like mine, but one for kids) available on our websites...so stay tuned!