Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blind Blogger Date

I had the exciting chance to meet a real, live blogger in person today! The blogger in question? None other than Manic Mommy! I started to read her blog pretty regularly several weeks ago, and when she checked out my blog we discovered that she lives in the next suburb over! She is a writer who has an agent, and I am a writer who has questions about having agents...and I am a writer who has been through the publishing process and am working on marketing, and she has lots of of questions about that, so we decided to meet!

WARNING: Obviously all of you out there know that arranging to meet someone that you have discovered on the internet could be dangerous. If you do this, meet them only in public, and make sure your loved ones know where you're going and when you'll be back.

Okay, back to the story. Manic and I decided to meet in a place about halfway between our homes: yes, in public. A killing the day before Halloween wouldn't be a good thing, although we joked about it.

I was so excited to meet her, because her blog is hilarious. She and I e-mailed back and forth a few times and I made a list of things I wanted to make sure to tell her so that she could store it in her brain for future use (when she publishes her book).

When we met at high noon, we laughed when we realized we were both wearing black shirts and jeans: can't go wrong with that! And then I ordered a water and a Diet Coke and she said "ME TOO!"

We had a great lunch and got along famously; it was really fun to interview each other about projects that we have going on, and we also talked about our kids a little bit and working out, since I'm an instructor and she's a student. She is afraid to try spinning (she prefers yoga), but I may just get her to come to my class once to see how she likes it.

She made a point of telling me not to take it personally when she says she's not really a dog person, and I already knew that, because of this. I don't have to have only "dog person" friends. LOL

It's such a small world that it turns out her daughter plays with the daughter of someone I knew from my health club about 10 years ago! Crazy!

After lunch, we walked to the bookstore and we looked at some of the children's books and chatted some more. We decided to give away one of my books...so if you're interested in entering the little contest we've concocted, visit her blog! (You've got 'til Friday!)

All in all, a great lunch with absolutely no violence. And I think I've got a new friend, which is the best part!