Thursday, November 1, 2007

She's a Maniac, Maniac...(sing it!)

Lesson Number Two, The Buddy System Always Works, Part 2

Bijoux was a frequent visitor at the craft store where I worked part-time. The first time I brought her in, holding her in my arms, my co-workers fell in love immediately. (She had that effect on people.) After a couple of weeks I even got permission from the manager to actually put her down on the floor to walk around for a few minutes, but only before the store was open.

It became a ritual to bring Bijoux each time I picked up my paycheck. We would arrive at the store at fifteen minutes before opening time and knock on the glass to gain entry. Once we were inside, I unfastened her leash and, as my co-workers laughed in anticipation, I acted like I was going to scoop her up into my arms. Bijoux took off then, like a maniac, running down the center aisle and stopping just short of the end, skidding around corners. Many times her oversized paws couldn’t stop her soon enough, and she’d end up flopping to the ground and rolling around as she tried quickly to switch directions. She and I ran the aisles for ten minutes at a time, and then, having had enough fun for the time being, left for home.

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