Saturday, November 24, 2007

Some Nice Words From a Nice Woman!

I am very lucky to have some great reviews posted up on the Amazon site for Remembering Ruby. This one was just posted yesterday by Carolyn Sterner of Cascade Beagle Rescue-East (and a Special Education Teacher & Behavior Analyst in the New Jersey Public School System):

"For those who have lost a pet, we know the devastation it can bring, and at times the embarrasment experienced for feeling this way about "just a dog" or "just a cat." Remembering Ruby is a great resource for families to help them not only understand that it is OK to love your pets and experience loss when they leave us, but to give some ideas about how to deal with that loss in a positive way. It is written quite simply, and is filled with photographs. Since we have not figured out how to extend the lives of our pets, and pets continue to grow in importance in the lives of families, this book is a fabulous resource to be added to any household library. We are adding Remembering Ruby to our website's Suggested Readings list and will recommend it to our family of adopters and volunteers, who will go through this loss if they bring a pet into their lives."