Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thoughtful Husband, Great Gift!

I had to share the birthday gift my husband gave me yesterday. SO COOL:

Yes, he framed my book. Took me totally by surprise. I love the way it's framed, and I love the frame itself. It's one of the most beautiful frames I've ever seen...and I've seen lots of them, as I did custom framing for about six years way back in the day! He was adorable as he told me he framed it in mind for our family room wall, and talked about how he wanted to frame ALL of my books and hang them there. (I only have one more planned...but you never know, right?) It was a great surprise, and not the first time he has framed something special. This is what he got for me for our 20th anniversary last December:

At the risk of sounding like Chandler from "Friends", Could he BE any more creative?

(Go to 1:40)

Normally I'm the creative one. I'm a great gift-giver, and proud of it. But he has totally outdone me twice now. What will I do for HIS birthday in January? Ugh, I'd better start thinking about it now.