Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sadness Warning

I wanted to let my blog readers know that the next "Lesson" from my essay collection is the sad one. It is also very long (15 pages in Microsoft Word!) and covers a few months' time. When I wrote it, I just "spewed" the experience and didn't want to divide it up to make it shorter. Now that I am posting the essays online,I know that posting 15 pages in one day is a bit ridiculous so I will tell you that although I will divide it, I will make sure to post the next parts each day after the one before so it's not like I'm trying to cause some kind of cliffhanger.

I have had mixed feelings about getting to this point in my posting of the essays. While it makes me terribly sad to relive it on paper, I want to share it with everyone too because I think it's yet another part of the grieving process, though a small one.

So, that's what I'll do: the first part of Lesson 15 goes up tomorrow morning.