Monday, January 21, 2008

Got a Call From England Today...

I just got off the phone with Julie Hill of Dogcast Radio, an internet radio show and Podcast for dog lovers!

Julie contacted me last week to ask for an interview about the book and I was thrilled to make the appointment for today's call. I was sort of nervous about the interview, but was put at ease immediately by Julie's demeanor (and the knowledge that she will edit the interview before broadcast! LOL). She is such a pleasant woman; we probably could have talked all day long if we didn't have anything else to do!

We talked for a few minutes, off topic about the weather and such, to warmup before the actual interview and then away we went. I feel pretty certain that I didn't say anything completely stupid, although I did use the wrong tense on a verb once but promptly corrected myself. After about 25 minutes, she thanked me for the interview, signalling that part was over, and we spoke for a few more minutes before hanging up. All in all, it was a great experience.

The interview should be up (at the Dogcast radio AND on iTunes!) in late March or early April...of course I'll keep you posted!