Saturday, September 22, 2007


Well, my friend D brought the book with her today, and I got to hold it in my hot little hands. What a thrill it was, after all this time! It looked fabulous. We caused a little commotion, because many people who were milling about close by stopped to see what was going on!

D was kind enough to allow me to take the book home with me so I could show the rest of the family, and of course Julie. I hugged it close as I walked to the car, and then, upon seeing another friend walk by our car on the way to hers, held it up in the window and pointed.

She came closer and as I opened the window she nodded and said, "I know...I have my copy in the car. I'm bringing it over to your house to have you sign it."

OKAY. First of all...YIKES! I wasn't thinking about signing books. That's a lot of pressure! (LOL) And what if I mess up? What if I spell my name wrong? (It could happen...)

Second of all, WHY DOES SHE ALSO HAVE A COPY AND YET I STILL DO NOT??? Nevermind. At least I got up close and personal with a copy today and was reassured that they turned out great!

I just sent out the mass e-mail to everyone I know on this earth. Now the fun begins for real!