Monday, October 15, 2007

Falling Behind On My Own Schedule


I have taken a couple of days off due to a combination of having to work at the salon (what's that? oh yeah, my job!), not feeling well physically, and feeling mentally drained...I shouldn't have done that.

Now I have to pay the price for my sluggishness as I feel my mental lists creeping up on me...Yes, I even took a couple of days off from making my to-do lists! What was I thinking????

I have been reading a great book by a publishing industry expert that contains some fabulous ideas on marketing a book, and along with learning a bunch of things I didn't know before, I have collected some action items that I would be stupid not to try. I won't go into all of it right now, but one thing that has jumped to the near-top of my (mental) list is to make a "Review Sheet".

I had figured that I would just send a beautifully-written letter along with a copy of the book to each person I wanted a review from. This industry expert that wrote the book outlined how to do a "Review Sheet" that actually gets enclosed with the letter, giving even more details about my book and where to send a copy of the review (so I don't have to hunt for all of them!), etc. It made complete sense to me and also showed me how much more I have to learn. But, I enjoy a challenge and I am firm in my belief that this book will help so many I keep plugging away!

So the "Review Sheet" is my assignment for tonight, along with some of my cover letters. Tomorrow will be 7 days since I placed my bulk book order, and I am hoping to receive them by the beginning of next week (I can hope, can't I???). I want to have everything ready so as soon as those books come in my door, a bunch of them can leave again without even staying for dinner. LOL

I'm off to check some items off my (mental) list! Wish me luck!