Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just an Ordinary Day, I Guess...OR IS IT??

Well, after the "whirlwind" of birthdays lately (ha ha: the last two days!) I was going to be sorry to say that it is nobody's birthday today--in my family, that is. Then I was checking a couple of the blogs I now read daily and discovered that it is Kat's Mom's birthday today! Woo hoo! So Happy Birthday to Kat's Mom!

I have added Kat's blog down there to the right, as well as Katie's and Karyn's. (It must be a good day for women whose names begin with "K"!) *LOL* Check them out when you get a few minutes!

Book news? I am picking up my fancy-schmancy mailing labels from Julie this evening (yes, she designed those, too!) so that I can begin mailing letters to different types of businesses: pet boutiques, pet cemetaries, vets, shelters, and various publications to try to get reviews as well.

I finished the pet boutique letters yesterday afternoon. I am starting in the Chi-town area with those and "oozing" outward. Today I am hoping to get the pet cemetary and shelter letters done, and then we'll see how long it takes me to do the rest.

I placed my bulk order for books yesterday, so I can take my time on the "Would you please review me" letters. There are probably a million--okay, that's exaggerating, sorry--vets in this area, so that will probably take me a while.

Busy times! I work at the salon this afternoon, tomorrow, and Friday, so I guess the book is going to get squeezed in during the early a.m.'s for the next couple of days! (and I'm starting the countdown to Friday...)