Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Label! (Can I Get a Drumroll?)

I mentioned that I was picking up my fancy schmancy mailing labels from Julie last night, and I did. They are SO awesome; I just love them! Hopefully the label, combined with the red (Ruby red! Get it?) envelope, will make the recipients drop everything to find out what could be inside the gorgeous packaging. (It'll be my fancy schmancy business card, along with either a letter and a sales sheet for the book, or my fancy schmancy business card, along with a press release, which I color-copied for free, as you'll remember, from FedEx/Kinkos!)

Want to see the label? Here it is:

I covered up my address, so you'll have to use your imagination in that area.

Isn't it cool? Wouldn't YOU love to get something with a label this nice on it? Props to Julie; as usual, dazzling artwork. :)

I'm getting my pet boutique letters out today, as well as the rest of the press releases. I can't wait to get the other letters out! My goal is to have them in the mail by Saturday morning.

Have a great day! More later!