Friday, October 5, 2007

The Stories Keep Coming...

One of the best things about having written this book and sharing the news about it with others is that people share their own doggie memories with me. (That's a sad thing about having written this book, too--to talk to people who are still struggling after their loss)

Tonight I spoke with a really nice family who I am just coming to know after being in the same community with them for years. The mom was telling the grown son that I had written this book, and that she couldn't read it just yet, as their little dog Cody just passed this year and she didn't feel ready. This woman had already shared with me the story of Cody's passing a couple of weeks ago via e-mail right after she read my post about "Messages from Beyond"; she had an eerie experience like that on the day Cody died.

Anyway, when she told her son (and husband) about my book, her son's face lit up and he started telling me about his memories of Cody, who he described as his "best friend." He was full of joy in speaking about his late companion, and it was really great to watch his facial expressions as he spoke. Memories really do carry you through.