Saturday, September 29, 2007

Celebrate Good Times...Come ON!

So today was the big Celebration Day that I posted about on Thursday. Julie and I hopped into her car and took a little trip to downtown Chicago to a relatively new establishment, one that we thought would be perfect for the occasion.

It's called (drumroll, please!)

The Reagle Beagle!

Yes, that's spelled properly. The owner named/spelled it after the bar on "Three's Company." (For my UK friends, "Three's Company" was based on your show "Man About the House".)

What a fun time we had! This little bar/lounge is located on Grand, just off Michigan Avenue. The walls were covered with cast photos from television shows covering mainly the 1970's but also the 1980's (I think I saw a few from the 1960's thrown in there, as well!) The whole place was warmly decorated, like a modern version of a 70's living room. Alf was there too. The servers kept moving him from the bar to a seat in front of the fireplace, just for fun.

We took care of business first: ordering drinks. Julie went for the Love Boat Lemonade--after reading on the menu that Isaac would be preparing it, asked our server if she would do the same thing Isaac does in the opening theme (go to 1:22). It was delicious. The ingredients? Ketel 1 Citron, lemonade, and grenadine float. (Julie believes there was also some "cruise ship love" in there, but it can't be confirmed.) I ordered the Tootie and Blair's Cranberry and Pear. (Absolut pear, vodka, cranberry, and 7-up) YUM.

That taken care of, we took this photo of a photo of our own Reagle Beagle (Bijoux/the real Ruby, aka the Queen) next to the book, the bar logo, and a candle that just happenned to be already lit and on our table.

Then Julie took the official "author de-stressing" photo of me:

Then we kept going with the photos, through our Cheese Fondue appetizer, our Beagle Burger dinner (not made from beagles; don't worry: they were "fancied up" hamburgers), and our chocolate fondue dessert. It's almost like you were there, right?

We're definitely going back. (We still have to try the Vinnie Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-rita and the Brady Bunch Punch.)