Monday, October 22, 2007

Where Else Can You Find A Blog With Three Consecutive Entries About the U.S. Postal Service?

This morning I tried to call the Post Office to sing the praises of M, the super-dee-duper Window Clerk (Is that an official title? I'll have to look that up) who far surpassed her normal job requirements when dealing with me this weekend.

Unfortunately, after asking me for my address (I assume there are different supervisors for different parts of town? That's an interesting concept. If you misbehave on the job, do you get "demoted" to the more whiny areas?) and going to find the correct supervisor, she left me on hold for a really long time--for this type of call, anyway. I ended up having to hang up because I was on my way out to meet my friend D for lunch. I did not let this apparent indifference about leaving customers on hold for an indefinite amount of time deter me from wanting to call back.

Upon my return from lunch, I called again. This time the operator asked me what my call was regarding, and she didn't need my address because she was putting me directly through to the Window Supervisor. The woman answered and when I told her that I was calling to give "Big Ups" to one of the clerks (I didn't say "Big Ups"; I just like that term better for the story--it adds flavor!), she seemed flabbergasted. It's clear that she doesn't get many calls like mine.

I tried to make the long story short for her (it's tough: I challenge YOU to try it!) and in the middle of it she asked me, "Well, did she offer you Express Mail so it could get there faster?" She obviously was missing my point, so I had to back up a bit and recap my recap. I finally got it all out and she thanked me and told me she would let M know that I called. I hope she really does. I hate it when management gets feedback (especially good feedback!) and then suddenly get too lazy to pass it on to the people who need to hear it.

In other post office news (will it ever stop?? LOL), the book that I sent (Priority Mail, remember?) to Ross the Intern at the Tonight Show got delivered to the studio around 7:30 this morning. I wonder when he'll actually have it in hand.

Things are percolating now...Send good karma my way, please!